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New York City Urban Adventures is a company that prides itself on remaining a cut above your typical tourist tour. We provide engaging, unique, tours led by seasoned locals that reveal the true NYC. We invite you to discover the undiscovered on one of our walking tours. Our locals will take you to some of their favorite spots in the city, giving you a historical and cultural look at one of the most exciting cities in the word!

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NYC is a world leader of fashion, culture, and food, and home to incredible theater, impressive skyscrapers, and perhaps the most ethnically diverse community in one city. New Yorkers can be fast-talking, fast-moving, and brash; but they are also welcoming, fun loving, and proud to share their city.

It’s a world centre of commerce and international trade, and has influenced American cultural movements in music, literature, fashion and theater. There is definitely no place quite like NYC, and you're guaranteed to have an action packed visit. Regardless of what you're interested in, there are always incredible things to do in New York, and even if you only have a mere 24 hours in NYC, we've got you covered.

Taking a tour in New York City guided by New Yorkers is the ideal way to experience the real life New York City. We've got some great New York City walking tours to show off this fabulous city from a local perspective.


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 New York Craft Cocktail Tour, New York tour New York Craft Cocktail Tour
From USD 79.00

This happy hour tour is taking you to the centre of New York’s booming cocktail culture as we visit some of the best bars in the city. Along the way, we’ll sample delicious libations, swap tales of speakeasies and gangsters, shop for new locally produced spirits, learn how to make craft cocktails, and discover some of the best places to grab a drink in the Big Apple.


Tenements Tastes and Tales NYC Tenements, Tales, and Tastes
from 17 reviews
From USD 65.00

Tacos, dumplings, knishes, bagels; America would be a food wasteland without immigration. Join this New York tour to sample the side effects of mass immigration while learning about those that dared to live the American Dream.


Williamsburg Craft Beer Crawl Williamsburg Craft Beer Crawl
From USD 70.00

Join the craft beer crowd of Brooklyn on this Williamsburg tour that puts the average pub crawl to shame. With a focus on the unique brews of the Big Apple, you’ll try 10 different beers, some local snacks, and learn all about the craft beer industry in NYC and the USA. Because drinking beer is even more fun when it’s unique and educational! 


Brooklyn Brownstone Food Tour Neighbourhood Eats: Brownstone Brooklyn
From USD 60.00

From Italian to Middle Eastern, New American to everything artisan, this NYC food tour shows you the best bites Brooklyn has to offer, from the people who make cuisine an art form. Sample breads, cheeses, pastries and more to nibble at the rich palette that is the New York food scene, and do it all with a local by your side to give you the lowdown on why this city is just so darn tasty. 


Brewed in Brooklyn Beer Tour Brewed in Brooklyn Tour
from 1 review
From USD 65.00

Discover the ultra-stylish craft beer scene of Brooklyn on this NYC beer tour that not only samples delicious brews, but teaches you fun facts about them, too! Take a stroll with a local to discover the who, what, where, and when of the history of NYC and Brooklyn beer, from the breweries of the 19th century to the biggest beer buffs in town today. Cheers to that! 


New York City Private Tour - New York City tour New York City Private Tour

Love the look of our New York City tours, but feel like customising them to make exactly the tour you're looking for? Well, you're in the right place. 

Put our team of local experts to work to build the perfect itinerary just for you. You can include some of the components of our regular tours, or none at all. This is your tour — so make it your own! If you're not sure, we've got plenty of ideas for what you might want to include. If you let our team of expert locals know your interests, they will come up with all kinds of things! 


Ms. Rosy F.
New Zealand
17 Aug 2014
These tours are personal, intelligent and show me things, sights, people and places I would never have seen or experienced otherwise. As a seasoned traveller, discovering Urban Adventures has been a delight.
Ms. Sandra M.
06 Aug 2014
We really enjoyed having Natalie as our tour guide. Her knowledge of the immigrant history was very interesting and thorough. She matched the pace of the tour to our needs and was very receptive to questions. We very much appreciate that Urban Adventures strives to include local food, families and vendors in its tours.
Ms. Ruth F.
United Kingdom
04 Aug 2014
Fab tour and is highly recommended. I learnt so much and appreciated the guide's knowledge despite sore feet and full tummy by the time we finished!
Ms. Deborah L.
25 Jun 2014
Was somewhat disappointed ... thought I might be tasting a variety of beers (e.g., flights) and have them explained/described. Wasn't expecting full glassses of beer, my choice, with little or no explanation.
Mr. Mark V.
10 May 2014
Nathalie is an excellent guide, she knows so much about the history of New York and is able to tell it in a very enthusiastic way. In your mind you can almost see it like a movie. She takes her time, no rush and is very sympathetic. Even if you know NYC, this tour is very interesting and learns you a lot about history and why it is the way it is nowadays. Thank you Nathalie! Regards, Mark, Ageeth, Thijs and Dirk
Ms. Melonie S.
United Kingdom
21 Apr 2014
Our guide David was patient and very informative. He really knew what he was talking about. I loved experiencing the different foods; I never would have visited these places if it hadn't been part of the tour.
Ms. Nicola F.
United Kingdom
05 Apr 2014
Nathalie was an excellent guide, really enthusiastic and very knowledgable. This tour is a great way to see a different side to New York.
Ms. Gerrie H.
12 Nov 2013
As New Yorkers, we were thrilled with our guide David's knowledge of some nooks and crannies we would not have explored on our own. The tastes were quite a find and we plan to find them again soon. We'll keep our eyes peeled for other interesting Urban Adventures.
Mr. Joan P.
07 Oct 2013
I have already told everyone we talked to that this is a must for their next trip to NYC. David was fantastic. Our only regret was that we didn't do the tour earlier during our visit so we could go back and explore more in the Lower East side. David was a fantastic guide and having a small group made it so personable.
Mrs. Sandra R.
05 Oct 2013
I ended up having Karen as my private guide.. lucky me! She's fabulous! Really friendly and knowledgeable.

New York Urban Adventures

The New York City Urban Adventures team is passionate about this extraordinary city. Diverse neighborhoods, world renowned sites, amazing food, history, and all those little hidden gems that few tourists get to see, make it a great destination to visit. As part of the Urban Adventures network we are happy to bring this passion and local knowledge to you from the local markets and restaurants, side lanes, or from 70 floors above the city streets, on our unique New York walking tours.


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Responsible Travel with Urban Adventures

At Urban Adventures, we firmly believe local travel is one of the best ways we can support responsible tourism. In fact, we believe it so strongly that we’ve made it our entire business! All our tours are run by local experts, not some faceless corporate team located halfway around the world with no sense of the local vibe.

We craft our tours to ensure every traveller has authentic interactions with local people, businesses, transportation, and food and drink. Local travel gives you the opportunity to experience a destination as locals do, and has the potential to impact you in ways you never imagined. In short: local is awesome.

As a responsible travel company, we promise to:

  • Use locally owned infrastructure on our tours whenever possible.
  • Spread the financial benefits amongst local people and operators.
  • Provide employment and leadership opportunities for local people.
  • Respect local customs and culture.
  • Provide safe tours for Urban Adventure partners, staff, and travellers.
  • Educate travellers and our partners about how and why we choose to travel this way.
  • Limit any negative impact to the daily lifestyles of local people.
  • Limit any physical impact on natural and cultural environments.
  • Provide support to organisations and local communities.
  • Provide opportunities for travellers to interact with local people.
  • Actively ban partners, staff, and passenger participation in or endorsement of commercial sexual activities or illegal drug use on Urban Adventures tours.
  • Work to prevent the exploitation of children in tourism.
  • Actively discourage participation in activities that exploit animals.
  • Use local partners that adhere to Urban Adventures' responsible travel principles.
  • Support and encourage fair employment practices.
  • Give our travellers the best possible value.
  • Have fun!

As a traveller, we ask that you keep the following in mind:

  • People: Be mindful of the local citizens, and seek understanding through shared experiences. Consider their customs and values while in their homeland, and when in doubt, ask your guide for advice.
  • Environment: Be mindful of the local environment, and act with conservation and sustainability in mind. Follow local guidelines, as recommended by your guide, and make proactive decisions on your own.
  • Culture: When travelling to other cultures, remember that not everyone's customs are the same as yours at home. Be respectful, and be mindful of openly questioning a customary practice, even if you disagree with it. Try to understand from their perspective. You may learn something! Your guide will be an excellent point of reference here, so check with them if you're unsure.
  • Economy: Make every effort to use local businesses and put your tourism dollars in the right (local) pocket. We use local vendors and businesses, and your guide will be able to advise you on the best ways to support the local economy.

For more suggestions on how to be a responsible traveller check out our top 12 responsible travel tips, or check out what our friends at Intrepid have to say.