Urban Oyster - New York

The Urban Oyster New York City team is passionate about this extraordinary city. Diverse neighborhoods, world renowned sites, amazing food, history, and all those little hidden gems that few tourists get to see, make it a great destination to visit. As part of the Urban Adventures network we are happy to bring this passion and local knowledge to you from the local markets and restaurants, side lanes, or from 70 floors above the city streets, on our unique New York City tours.


Our New York City Urban Adventures team is made up of an exceptionally talented group. Our leaders are licensed city guides with extensive experience, as well as a genuine passion for their home and travel the Urban Adventures way. Perhaps more importantly, not only do our Leaders take great pride in New York City, they take great pride and pleasure in sharing it with others on our tours of New York.

As a team we are committed to Urban Adventures Responsible Travel policy and implement this across our entire operation. We ask you, the traveller, to read Urban Adventures Responsible Travel policy carefully, in particular "Responsible Travel Guidelines for Travellers" and "Urban Adventures Top 12 Responsible Travel Tips" and always keep this in mind when travelling, not just on an Urban Adventure but the whole time you are on the road.

Come and travel with us and learn more about our local expertise as we share the real life New York City. Choose one of our New York City sightseeing tours and have a wonderful time in this mind-blowing city.


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