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#CurrentObsession: Exploring Mindfully with Earthling Magazine


Each month in our #CurrentObsession series, we’re bringing you the stories of the creatives who are shaping the cultural fabric of New York City. This month, we sat down with Ming D. Liu, the co-founder and Chief Content Officer at Earthling Magazine. Armed with a background in PR and a passion for sustainability, Ming is a native New Yorker who spends her days creating content aimed at inspiring individuals to make small, easy lifestyle changes that have a positive impact on our world. 



Tell us more about your job! What is it, and what inspired you to start it? 

My role as the Co-founder and Chief Content Officer at Earthling Mag is to oversee content and make sure our work aligns with our mission. Our goal is to inspire others and ourselves to be more mindful about the world around us and use mindfulness as a tool to promote sustainability and social good. I have always loved nature, and as I read and research more about what’s happening with the world, it reassures me that this is the path I want to be on. Being surrounded by our writers and everyone who I’ve met along this journey has truly inspired me to continue to work towards a more sustainable and healthier planet.


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What neighborhood do you live in, and how long have you been there? Is it your favorite neighborhood, or do you have another must-see area in the city? 

Currently, I live in Long Beach but lived in Sunset Park, Brooklyn for 20+ years. As I grow older, it’s become one of my favorite neighborhoods due to the culture and how much it feels like another country. Other neighborhoods I love are both the East and West Village, Park Slope, and Chelsea.

What is your favorite thing about living in NYC? 

The diversity!

What’s your favorite hidden gem in NYC, and why? 

Perk Kafe – when I first discovered this coffee shop years ago, it was a lot quieter and had less reviews on Yelp. Nowadays, it’s not so much “hidden” anymore but I’m happy people are noticing their great coffee, friendly baristas, and homely space.



What’s the most surprising, weird or unusual thing about local NYC life? 

People often think NYC is glamorous like Sex in the City, but it’s not! It’s so much more diverse and full of culture. Sometimes you walk through neighborhoods that are nitty gritty, but those places have the best hole-in-the-wall spots. And some of the best restaurants are hidden in alley ways, for example, some of the best dumplings are in Chinatown on Mosco St., a street that’s sometimes not even on maps!

Who is your favorite local artist, chef or creative? 

I love the farmer’s markets, just because there’s a wide variety of local artists who sell their work. I’m loving the Bryant Park Winter Market at the moment – they have some cool work this year, for example, a booth full of art made of recycled motorcycle metal.

What’s your number 1 tip for living or traveling in NYC? 

Be open minded.

You can find Ming on Instagram @earthlingmag and @mingdliu.

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