The Undiscovered Lower East Side with Local Author Bruce Northam

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The Undiscovered Lower East Side with Local Author Bruce Northam

After visiting 150 countries, veteran travel writer and author Bruce Thoreau Northam rediscovers his historic and overlooked corner of New York City’s Lower East Side below Delancey Street. His new, one-of-a-kind walking tour is a two-hour odyssey that mingles offbeat locales, history, untouristed establishments, fun facts, and tales of NYC and beyond. This unconventional excursion transitions through several wildly different worlds, and the route and content have nearly zero crossover with any other tour—it goes behind the scenes of NYC’s uncharted “lower” Lower East Side. Chances are you won’t see any tourists until the tour’s finale.

“Bruce Northam is what you might call well-traveled.” —CNBC

The Undiscovered Lower East Side Highlights

  • Beholding one of the city’s oldest housing projects (and its requisite, authentic bodega) and the grand architectural landmarks of centuries past that survived the bulldozer
  • A peek inside a historic church and an old-timey saloon
  • Un-touristed ultra-Kosher businesses
  • Strolling the backbone of a now trendy neighborhood, the “Lower” Lower East Side ($7 ice cream cones?) that resembled a ghost town 15 years ago
  • Off-the-radar parks, streets, eateries, and ideas

Schedule Details

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Meeting point: the front steps of Sacred Heart Convent – 71 Jackson St, New York, NY 10002
  • Starting time: 2.30 PM

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